Car Dealer GMB Marketing

Drive a ton of Free Google Traffic using your Google My Business Listings!

If increasing views of your New and Used SRPs, VDPs and driving more traffic to fixed operations is important to you, keep reading!

To achieve more digital marketing exposure by leveraging a location-based strategy, every car dealer usually starts at the same place: creating a Google My Business listing.

And for good reason. In 2020, your Google My Business listing is much more than just a listing where people read and leave reviews!

Google My Business (GMB) – is the free tool from Google that helps car dealers manage their online presence across the search engine and its growing portfolio of marketing tools offers the greatest impact for brands seeking local exposure.

Way back in 2005 when Google first introduced Google Local /Maps its purpose was to serve as a simple listing to help people find you and let Google know where you are located and basic info about your dealership.

Fast forward 15 years and it is now the center piece in the Google local search results as well as a comprehensive knowledge panel when people search for your business.

google my business marketing car dealers
This is a copy of a typical search result page from Google. Notice the GMBs are right below the paid search ads. This is also true on Mobile Searches

The biggest catalyst for Google changing it from a simple listing to a powerful marketing tool is the massive growth of local mobile searches!

For the past several years Google has added some very powerful marketing tools designed to help searchers better engage with your business. Tools that when used properly increase SRP and VDP views, phone calls and walk ins to your dealership.

Problem for most dealers: Unfortunately, website designers and Digital Marketing Agencies are not paying much attention to your GMB, and as a result very few dealers understand the missed opportunities to increase new and used vehicle sales and service department visits.

As Google continues to add more marketing tools to your GMB it is time to take a closer look at how it can help your dealership.

Drive more traffic to your Sales, Service, and Parts departments using all the Free marketing tools Google is giving you!

The massive growth of Mobile searches over the past several years has brought about some major changes in the way Google shows results on the first page of local searches.

Google has made it no secret that your Google My Business listings are a major player in how Google wants users to engage and interact with your dealership.

auto dealer gmb marketing
This is an example of a Google 3-Pack that appears prominently on the Page 1 results of the Google search results.

If New & Used SRP and VDP Views Are Important To You… The Numbers Do Not Lie!

google my business analytics report
A well designed GMB Marketing plan increases new & used VDP views

The very few Car Dealers that pay attention to all the tools Google is providing within your Google My Business listing & Google Maps listing are quite impressed with the amount of traffic being delivered via clicks to VDPs, phone calls, service coupons clicks, and phone calls being generated.

AutoNet Media is focused on increasing your dealership profit using GMB Marketing!

AutoNet Media is not your typical digital marketing agency because we only focus on your Google My Business listings and implementing marketing strategies to drive traffic to your dealership.

Founder and Google My Business Marketing expert Jeffrey Taylor has assembled a team of Google My Business professionals to fill a huge void in your digital marketing mix. Too many digital agencies claim to handle GMB marketing but lack the expertise to maximize its potential.

Three reasons to contact AutoNet Media today!

  1. Opportunity – If you are one of the many dealers always looking for opportunities to increase Google traffic without spending more on Pay Per Click, let’s talk!
  2. Consistency – Just claiming your GMB, filling in a few blanks and walking away is not enough anymore. Driving consistent traffic to your sales and fixed operations requires an ongoing marketing strategy.
  3. Cost – Unlike pay per click and third party vendors the cost to manage and market your GMBs is so low you cannot ignore it. Our month to month contracts and set monthly fee makes it a no-brainer when looking for effective ways to increase sales.

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