Who Else Wants a Flood of Free Google Traffic?

google my business marketing for auto dealers

Now more than ever, you should be focused on adding value to your Digital Marketing mix and boost Free traffic from Google using GMB Marketing!

Discover how to turn your Google My Business – Google Maps listings into more website leads, phone calls, and walk-ins at your dealership!

What is GMB Marketing and why should you care?

GMB Marketing is a unique and powerful way to drive thousands of FREE organic clicks to your website, while increasing phone calls and walk ins. To be effective it requires the proper set up and ongoing management of the marketing tools inside your Google My Business Dashboard.

pay per click costs rising
Pay Per Click & 3rd Party Lead Provider Costs

FACT: 85% of Searchers still prefer to click on organic results (free clicks) versus a Paid Ad

In times of economic uncertainty it is important to make sure you are squeezing every dime out of your digital marketing mix and implementing new ways to drive Free Google traffic to your dealership!

Are you tired of skyrocketing pay per click costs and third party lead providers that keep raising prices while sharing customer data with your competition?

Your ability to increase views on your VDPs and SRPs while moving more traffic to your fixed operations without paying per click or per lead is the key to lowering marketing costs.

You pay a lot of money for your website and all of the content inside it. Driving Google searchers to your web pages is the most powerful and cost effective way to increase profit using digital marketing.

How the GMB Marketing and Management service works and why you need to add it to your Digital Marketing mix today!

We take a systematic approach to how we handle your Google Business Listings. This approach focuses on the fundamentals of your GMB and what is currently live on the Internet.

  • Inaccurate Data on current GMBs
  • Duplicate GMBs – claimed and unclaimed
  • Unclaimed listings created by Google
  • Unauthorized claimed listings on Google

We find them and we fix them! Google is notorious for grabbing erroneous data and creating Ghost listings that only an expert can uncover. All of the issues described above are harmful to your overall presence and in some cases harmful to your dealership.

Set up proper metrics on your GMBs and connect all data to your Google Analytics. Our research shows that very few dealers have connected the dots and have no idea what type of traffic is being generated through their GMBs.

  • Place proper tags on your GMB website link.
  • Connect GMB to Google Analytics
  • Create VDP segments